The Adventures of Koby the Beagle

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Retro-Process Post Wk.6 – Peer Review Reflection

The peer review that I received was insightful and I appreciate any critiques that come my way. The design change I made was to adjust the font size for the preview posts under the “Recent Posts” section of the website. I went to the Appearance […]

Retro-Process Post Wk.4 – Design Reflection

I believe my site has a welcoming design. The burgundy bands are, in my opinion, warm and comforting colours that are befitting of my site. The horizontal banner of Koby on first glance is what draws the viewers gaze and it should initiate an “aww” […]

Essay #2 – Experience expanding my site

This has been an interesting experience for me as it was the first time I have ever created a website and been an administrator of my very own website. The site is based on the observations that my dog Koby is doing throughout her life. […]

Process Post Wk.12 – Community Guidelines

On my site, I receive email notifications whenever someone posts a comment on a particular post. After looking at the comment, I can either approve or reject a comment from being posted on my site. With that, I can moderate and regulate the comment section […]

Process Post Wk.11 – Story through Pictures of Koby

Comment in the post if you can figure out what Koby is doing and how it transitions to the next picture  

Video – “Jumping” to conclusions

I thought blocking zipping up the door halfway would prevent Koby from getting in as it was bath time for her but she had other ideas…

Process Post Wk.10 – Transmedia Integration

On my blog website, I have integrated both Facebook and Instagram to the page. Koby the Beagle prior to this course already had social media pages made specific for her. I think Instagram would be a better platform to focus on because most of her […]

Peer Review #3

Lets start by saying everyone should check out Enoch’s blog “On the faithful journey” via The content of his blog is about him being of Christian faith and how his experiences shape his journey and relevance to his lord and saviour, Jesus Christ. His […]